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The roles for women in TV and movies have certainly changed over the years. From shows like “I dream of Genie” and “Bewitched” where very powerful supernatural beings use their powers to make pot roast. To “Wandavision” where the scarlet witch uses her powers to bring her lover back from the dead, smashes S.W.O.R.D and mind controls a few thousand people into believing they live in a black and white 50’s sitcom.

Still if you’re a female actor and you want a good role to star in. The best bet is still to write it yourself. No one knows you like you and some of the most insightful and funny stuff is on BBC iplayer. The BBC have a pretty good track record of funding stuff written by, staring and even directed by women. The brits are also very good at the walking the line between comedy/drama and laughs tinged with sadness.

BBC iplayer is a free app for your tv, computer or phone and if you want you can view these episodes right now, you can. bbc iplayer comedy top 5.

5. Pulling (2006)

Pulling is a great low budget comedy series, written and staring Sharon Hogan who is fantastic comedy actor. It is the story of Donna as she throws off her old boring life and tries to make singldom fun (and fails).

Donna (sharon hogan) calls off her wedding the week before it’s due to take place, and launches herself into what she’s sure will be her new, exciting life as a single woman.

She moves in with her only two fun pals, Karen (Tanya Franks), and Louise, And thus, pulling is born. Just three women in Penge, south London, dating and shagging their way through their early thirties and navigating all the crap life throws at them.

2 seasons: 12 episodes. Free on Iplayer.

4. Miranda (2009)

Miranda is written by and staring the British Comedian Miranda Hart. The story revolves around her life, mother, friends and her joke shop that she runs. Her mother is very funny and cast perfectly, as are most of the supporting role. Given this was made twenty years ago it feature a lot of people who’d be to expensive now.

It even has Tom Ellis (Lucifer) as the love interest before he was proper famous. 20 years before Fleabag and Deadpool she was breaking the fourth wall and talking to the camera. It’s free on IPlayer.

Miranda also nailed the idea of cringe comedy early as the poor, very tall and awkward “queen kong” stumble through making a fool out of herself again and again.

3 seasons: 20 episode in total. Free on Iplayer.

3. Gavin & Stacey (2007–2020)

While this award winning British/ welsh comedy is indeed written by the comic team of Jame Corden(male) and Ruth Jones(female). It is the perfect example of a comic team writing something great, staring in it and getting famous because it’s very good.

It won several awards, including the British Academy Television Awards (BAFTAs) Audience Award, and the British Comedy Awards Best TV Comedy Award.

It is the story of a pampered Essex boy (Gavin) and his budding romance and thus relationship with welsh girl (Stacey). As in most British comedy the side characters are also hilarious and perfectly cast.

3 season, 21 episodes. Free on iplayer.

2. Back to Life (2019)

This dark comedy-drama co-written by Laura Solon and Daisy Haggard and starring Haggard, as Miri Matteson has just returned home, after serving an 18-year prison sentence. As Miri attempts to rebuild her life, she forms a friendship with Billy, who cares for the insane elderly woman next door who hates her.

This is small town living where everyone know what she did and is horrible to her. This is a dark comedy series, but well made and a great view into seaside life. Once again the side characters are perfectly written and cast and it has great views of the Dungeness area.

1 season, 6 episodes, has been picked up. Free on Iplayer.

1. Fleabag (2019)

Written and staring Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a British black comedy series about a very damaged and pretty girl, Fleabag, who tries to fill the hole of guilt in her with drinking and lots of sex. Based on the 2013 one woman show.

One of the brilliant things about Fleabag and shows like it, written by woman, is that not only is her character real, alive and growing. Other characters, like her sister and step-mother are also perfectly written.

The series received the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series and Best Actress for Waller-Bridge and the British Academy television award. Sadly like all British TV it’s got about two episodes of ten second and is already over. Honestly can they make more than 6 episodes a season.

2 seasons, 12 episode in total. Free on Iplayer.

Written by Julius Schenk. Freelance Content writer uk



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